• Azure Monitoring
  • Auto-Scaling
  • Server Healing
  • Real-time customizable alerts
  • Azure Web & Worker Roles
  • Virtual Machines
  • Azure Websites
  • SQL Azure & Federations
  • Azure Storage
  • Service Bus

Since 2010 AzureWatch has been helping IT pros get the most out of their Windows Azure investment

No agents to install
No code to change
Nothing to redeploy

No contracts to sign
No commitments to make
Safe and secure
Outstanding support

Simple, affordable, effective

Control Scalability

Control Scalability

Powerful rule-based scaling engine

- Support for Web Roles, Worker Roles, Virtual Machines, and Azure Websites

- Scale based on standard or custom performance counters, Event Logs, Storage or Service Bus queues, and more...

- Evaluate sustained averages, leading indicators, trailing data, or a schedule

- Advanced features include custom metric feeds, scale throttling, safety scale limits, and more...

Receive Immediate Notifications

Unlimited Custom Alerts

Sophisticated rule-based monitoring engine

- Support for Web Roles, Worker Roles, Virtual Machines, Azure Websites, SQL Azure databases and Federations, Azure Storage and URLs

- Notifications of outages or interruptions of service

- Alerts about server-related issues such as low memory or disk space

- Support for Windows Event Logs, Performance Counters, queues, and more

- Warnings of storage blocking, throttling, or slowdowns

- Advanced features include analysis of sustained averages, sudden changes in usage, and more...

View reports on any device

View reports on any device

Variety of ways to visualize performance and diagnostic data

- Live dashboards and historical reports on a browser

- Current status and performance charts on a smartphone

- Daily usage reports via email

- Point-in-time RSS feeds for custom integration

- Inspection of event logs, traces, and other diagnostic data

Supports full Azure Stack

Supports full Azure stack

Designed and built specifically for Windows Azure

- No code changes or agents needed to monitor Cloud Services, Virtual Machines or Azure Websites

- Indepth analysis of SQL Azure databases with native support for Azure Federations

- Inspection of performance and outages in Table, Queue, or Blob Storage

- Scaling & monitoring based on Azure Storage Queues and Service Bus Queues, Topics and Subscriptions

Get up and running in minutes.

Get up and running in minutes

Striking a balance between power, flexibility and ease of use

- Simple step-by-step wizard handholds thru basic setup

- Context-sensitive help on every screen

- No agents to install, no code to change, nothing to redeploy

- Knowledgable and friendly support will assist with any questions