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What IP Addresses should I white-list to allow AzureWatch service in?

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PowerShell Remoting ports on my Virtual Machines are protected with ACL rules

SQL Azure databases that I own do not allow connections from anywhere in Azure but only specific IP addresses

I would like to know specifically what IP addresses AzureWatch is using when trying to connect so that I can white-list the service
asked 1 year ago by FAQ (1,780 points)

2 Answers

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AzureWatch is using the following IP addresses that should be white-listed:

  • (new, as of June 1st, 2015)
  • (to be retired soon)
answered 1 year ago by FAQ (1,780 points)
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I came here for the IP adresses too. Thanks for sharing. :)
answered 7 months ago by thomasf2220 (190 points)

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